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I am an American-Panamanian artist currently working in the PNW region of the United States. From traditional painting to unconventional mediums, I strive to relay my (and others) ideas and concepts in as many mediums that feel necessary. This requires a great deal of practice in as many mediums as possible and i truly believe this has been the key to my success. If one can master a thing, they can command it and force it to do your bidding. Such is art, It MUST relay an idea, a concept or a feeling. To do so randomly is fun and whimsical but, in my opinion, not the goal of a professional.
The ability to create a piece that invokes a specific, thought or idea is purposeful artwork. To be able to do this on command, to be able to repeat it as needed, shows mastery of the mediums being used. It is simple to allow the artwork to just manifest itself as you create it. Children do it daily. But if the work is determining its own path, then you are not the master of that work. That is my goal - to be able to create anything i wish, whenever i wish. To master my life, -

Direct Contact

  •   646.265.6097
  •   1102 A St. Tacoma, WA 98401
  •   heptapus@hotmail.com.


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